The recently released ARA FirePASS SCU3x, ARA Fire’s oxygen-reduction fire prevention system, is the only carbon neutral fire prevention system in the world.

ARA FirePASS is an innovative technology – the first of its kind in Australia – that stops fires before they start. By filtering the air in a room, an ARA FirePASS system maintains the oxygen at a level that is breathable but non-combustible. The average oxygen level in the atmosphere is 21%, and ARA FirePASS reduces this to 15%. In a room protected by ARA FirePASS, fires cannot ignite.

By preventing fires entirely, an ARA FirePASS system ensures that there is no interruption to business, no risk to personnel and no property damage from either a fire or a traditional fire extinguishing system. This makes ARA FirePASS especially valuable in situations where disruption to business or damage to property is unacceptable, such as data centres, museums, warehouses, archives, and server rooms. Due to its ease of installation, low energy consumption and minimal required maintenance, the ARA FirePASS SCU3x is less costly than a traditional fire suppression system.

The ARA Group’s commitment to environmental sustainability influenced the design of the ARA FirePASS SCU3x. Improvements in ARA FirePASS’ energy efficiency mean that the SCU3X can now be powered by solar panels. It’s a carbon neutral system that doesn’t involve any gases or chemicals and emits only oxygen-rich air.

image2 The SCU3X’s solar panels are also connected to the electrical grid to ensure continuity of service. When the solar panels generate more power than the ARA FirePASS unit needs, this excess energy is automatically returned to the grid. ARA works to reduce their environmental impact in all aspects of their work.

Oxygen-reduced environments must be precisely monitored and controlled. The ARA FirePASS SCU3x uses advanced oxygen analysis technology to measure the oxygen level in the protected area and automatically maintain it at the desired level. With the SCU3x’s intuitive control panel, it’s easy to prescribe and measure the room’s oxygen level and track performance data.

Installation of the ARA FirePASS SCU3x is straightforward, and once installed, the only maintenance required is a change of filters once each year. The unit itself takes up very little room, can be easily incorporated into any existing building management system, and prevents possible fire hazards within an area up to 300m3.

A carbon neutral fire prevention system that is safe for people and safe for the environment, ARA FirePASS promises unmatched, sustainable fire safety.

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