HID Mobile Access is a cutting-edge technology that may well revolutionise the access control industry. The HID Mobile Access application enables the use of smartphones in the place of traditional access control cards, effectively transforming each user’s phone into a digital security pass.

Currently, access control card systems are used in the vast majority of corporate buildings in Australia. By upgrading from traditional access cards to smartphones, HID Mobile Access increases both security and convenience for management and employees.




For clients, the transition to HID Mobile Access is made easy by HID’s iClass SE or MultiClass SE smart card readers. These readers can connect to any access control system on the planet, and when ordered as Bluetooth enabled are compatible with smartphones and any existing access control cards. This makes HID Mobile Access perfectly suited to both new and existing systems in installations of any size.

Employees need only install the HID Mobile Access App on their smartphones. The app is protected by SEOS, HID’s secure encrypted operating system. This software ensures that each person’s digital security credential remains safe.

Once employees have installed the HID Mobile Access App (available for iPhone and Android) and received their security credential, they can unlock doors using the ‘twist and go’ or ‘stop and tap’ method. The unlocking action can be customised to suit each building’s environment.



Using the HID web portal, clients are able to easily distribute security credentials to their employees. If a contractor needs access to a client’s building in Alice Springs, all the client would need is the contractor’s mobile phone number. Rather than sending a physical access card to the contractor, the client can send security credentials digitally, and even define the start and end dates of the contractor’s access. This saves both time and resources by eliminating the need for the distribution of physical access cards.

ISCS are distributors of access control, security and CCTV solutions, and are the largest distributor of HID products in southern hemisphere. As a HID Platinum Partner, ISCS are among the first to offer this technology to the Australian market. HID Mobile Access will be available through ISCS this December, 2014.

The ARA Group are excited to offer HID Mobile Access through ISCS. A streamlined, intuitive system that increases both security and convenience, HID Mobile Access will transform your smartphone into a trusted key to your building.



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