The Westpac Group’s Kogarah location, known as St. George House, is about to undergo a renovation. As part of this project, Environmental Automation have been selected to install a new building management system to increase comfort and efficiency throughout the complex.

Environmental Automation, a member of the ARA Group, have been engineering, installing and servicing building automation systems for over 25 years. Such systems are installed to manage a building’s air-conditioning, lighting, and other sources of energy expenditure, dramatically reducing the environmental and financial costs.

The complex, built in 1990, poses a unique challenge due to its size, age and layout. With a net area of over 21,000m2, the building is essentially the same size as a high-rise building, but spread over a much greater surface area. This larger footprint necessitates 19 different air conditioning plant rooms, where a high-rise tower of the same area would only need three.

These unique challenges have required extensive preliminary engineering. Environmental Automation will install the building management system’s controls and wiring, and then interface with the building’s newly-installed air-conditioning units. The system will also integrate new chillers, pumps, air handlers, mechanical plants, and individual sensor-controlled AC units for meeting rooms. ARA Group member Datatech will be sub-contracted to install the system’s ‘fibre backbone’, a high-speed network that will run throughout the building.

The entire project is expected to be completed by November, 2015, and will result in an unprecedented level of efficiency for the building. A flagship project, the overhaul of St. George House will set a new benchmark in expertise and capabilities for Environmental Automation.

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