Bechtel, the largest construction and engineering company in the US, recently embarked on the construction of three liquefied natural gas complexes on Curtis Island (the APLNG, GLNG, and QCLNG). These three projects are staggering in scale, cost and complexity. Combined, they will have the capacity to produce 20 million tonnes of LNG each year, and export it all over the globe. At the peak of construction, the sites’ combined workforce numbered over 8,800.

Bechtel approached ARA Manufacture looking for reliable blast protection for the staff and equipment in each site’s operations buildings. As well as preventing harm to property and staff, this blast protection would minimise the downtime potentially caused by an explosion. In an operation of this size, such downtime would mean serious financial loss, so high quality, reliable blast doors were absolutely necessary.

ARA Manufacture supplied four single and four double doorsets to the APLNG site. Each door was rated to 55 kPa blast pressure, and a number of the doors included security/blast vision panels. Bechtel were eager to use the Sealeck full-strength blast doors, originally designed for embassies, to absolutely minimise the possible damage to property or employees.

To the GLNG site, ARA Manufacture supplied nine single and nine double blast/fire rated doorsets. Included in these 70mm doors were removable transoms and over-panels to create an optional larger opening for moving equipment. ARA Manufacture also supplied two single and two double doorsets to the QCLNG project.

All of these doors were supplied pre-hung in heavy-duty steel frames, and all the door hardware and glazed vision panels were pre-fitted at the ARA Manufacture factory in Adelaide, to make installation as straightforward as possible for the builders on site.




Bechtel representative Aldo Zamores offered the following praise to Sealeck (now ARA Manufacture) for their work on the Curtis Island project:

“From a commercial standpoint, Sealeck performed well. There was an exorbitant amount of technical clarifications required, and your level of responsiveness was good. I have already provided my positive input in our global supplier database, so others can view your performance.”

The success of ARA Manufacture’s doors for the Curtis Island project has already led to another order of Sealeck doors for the Ichthys Onshore LNG Project at Bladin Point, Darwin. This order came through Leighton Contractors, with whom ARA Manufacture worked during the APLNG project.

ARA Manufacture have been supplying ballistic and blast-resistant doors and windows around the world for over ten years, and look forward to continuing their sterling reputation as a supplier of high quality, dependable products.


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