ARA Fire has continued to expand its operations in Western Australia by securing a three year inspection, testing, and maintenance contract with Curtin University.

This contract will see ARA Fire conduct routine monthly testing at Curtin University’s campuses in metropolitan Western Australia and at the WA School of Mines in Kalgoorlie. ARA Fire technicians will take care of 116 buildings and over 9,600 assets, as well as performing any repairs that are necessary.

This testing will ensure that all elements of the campuses’ fire systems – including sprinklers, hydrants, hose reels, extinguishers, blankets, detection systems, emergency warning information systems (EWIS), fire doors, and emergency exits and lighting – are kept at the highest possible standard.

Integral to securing the Curtin University contract was ARA’s asset management system, CLARAFY®. Every asset on site will be recorded on the CLARAFY® system, which then automatically schedules all inspection and maintenance visits, and provides clients with a means to track every aspect of ARA Fire’s service. This combination of reliability and transparency was part of the reason that Curtin University elected to sign with ARA Fire.

This is the ARA Group’s first university contract in Western Australia, and is further proof of ARA Fire’s deserved reputation for excellence in the provision of ongoing inspection, testing, and maintenance.

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