Live Fire Prevention Webinar! – Innovative Technology Prevents Facility Fire Threats

How to Safeguard Your Business from Going Down in Flames

Your business is a major asset but, are you doing enough to protect it?

On 01 April 2016, at 12:00PM, join Martin McGettrick, the National GM Special Hazards, ARA Fire, for the Live ARA FirePASS® webinar. During this webinar he will display how you can prepare, prevent and protect against fires. Read on to find out how and why you should be a part of this.

FirePASS – A Revolution in Fire Safety

ARA FirePASS® Oxygen Reduction Fire Prevention, is a revolutionary fire prevention technology that is designed to prevent fire from occurring by reducing and maintaining oxygen at non-combustible levels.

It works by partly filtering out oxygen from ambient atmospheric air. Normal atmosphere contains 21% oxygen but the hypoxic air injected into an ARA FirePASS® protected space is 15% oxygen and 84% nitrogen (1% is made up of argon, carbon dioxide and other gases). A fire cannot start in this environment.

The air produced and used is breathable air for fire prevention. It is safe for people and safe for the environment. Extensive medical research has been conducted in the U.K., Europe and Australia to support the safety of working in a environment of 15% oxygen.


Protecting Your Assets

The oxygen-reduced environment slows oxidation and is perfect for preservation of irreplaceable items such as archived documents, artworks, museum exhibits and rare artefacts. The deterioration of materials and stored goods is strongly diminished due to the reduced-oxygen content of the hypoxic air produced.

Industries include:



Benefits of FirePASS®

Compared to a traditional fire detection and suppression system, FirePASS® is a fire-prevention system that would never let a fire start. With FirePASS®, you can expect:

  • Certainty of avoiding the outbreak and spread of fire.
  • Continuous fire prevention without any interruption. No refilling or replacement needed.
  • Straightforward installation process
  • Very small foot-print and little building space required.
  • Environmentally friendly systems – no chemicals used.
  • Ease of installation and maintenance.
  • Retained access to protected areas at any time.
  • Scalable to any needed size of space, that shall be protected.
  • Oxidation to slow down, which reduces deterioration of materials, equipment, documents and artefacts.

Who’s Protected

Our clients include TasNetworks – Tasmania’s primary electricity and communications provider, Sydney Adventist Hospital, ARA Corporate Office, Ministry of Defence Pension Fund in Muscat, Oman, Oslo City Archives and Oslo Museum of Cultural History. 

An example of our system at work was when it detected a fault in the power factor correction room of the Sydney Adventist Hospital. The Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) system detected the fault and the ARA FirePASS system prevented a fire starting.

Sydney Adventist Hospital then offered interested parties the opportunity to view the ARA FirePASS FP-500 System in operation. Several consultants and insurance providers have visited the hospital to see the new technology and have reported very favourably on this innovation in fire safety.

Be Part of the Revolution

ARA takes great pride in introducing the world’s latest innovations and technologies to the Australian market and the FirePASS® is a proven example of a system that works to protect you and what matters most to you.

Give your business the protection it deserves and give yourself peace of mind no matter where you are.  To find out more about the revolutionary ARA FirePASS® and its services, join us for a free webinar on Sunday, March 13 from (insert time).


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