Introducing ARA Compliance: VIDEO

Your Partner in Property Compliance

In an effort to continuously improve our capabilities for the Australian marketplace, we have recently  started a new company from the ground up, under  our building services division: ARA Compliance.

ARA Compliance helps property managers, property owners, strata managers and building managers to ensure the safety of their buildings and their occupants. From smoke alarms and child safety window locks, to swimming pool fences, and all compliance issues, ARA Compliance allows owners to meet their state’s legislative requirements.

Protecting the occupants that live in these properties is a moral obligation and complying to the safety regulations is the law.


How We Protect

Here are a few of the assets that we maintain:

  • Smoke alarms
  • Pool compliance
  • Window compliance
  • Building compliance
  • Safety switch compliance

ARA Compliance is  available to assess, install, plan, inspect and maintain the safety on your property.

Our aim is to help property managers and landlords alleviate  the stress of property maintenance with our team of expert technicians. ARA Compliance works tirelessly to protect properties and their occupants. We understand the responsibilities that come with the task of managing a property and we are here to help.

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