Revolutionary Technology for Efficient Building Monitoring

What is a Smart Building?

Our everyday lives are impacted by technology. Over the years, there were individuals who took an opportunity to observe the challenges faced in our everyday lives and transformed them  into opportunities to make our lives and our businesses better, run more efficiently and provide easier ways to access and engage with information.

In the 1990’s the smartphone was created  to change the way we communicate and mobilise the exchange of data. Do you remember the first time you could send an email from your phone? People like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk were forerunners – shaping new technological advances to address the needs of a changing world. We’ve heard of smart cars, smartphones and smart TVs, but have you heard much about smart buildings?


There are thousands of people that move and work in buildings and facilities everyday, and having a proactive way of staying on top of energy consumption and management can become a huge challenge for the managers of these buildings. This, however, is a necessary obligation.

What if the live data from your building’s assets was accessible directly from your laptop, tablet or smartphone? What if you are able to utilise this data to be more sustainable with your resources?

What if this data allowed you to reduce your energy consumption, minimise the need for maintenance labour, allowing you to identify the gaps that reduce your operating expenses by 40%?  

This is the future of sustainable building management, and EA Plus is a new industrial technological solution that has just been introduced to the marketplace and enables this opportunity.


Smart Building Technology

EA Plus allows transparency and intelligent asset monitoring that will change the way you work and respond to building emergencies. It reduces resources and increases reliability so you can monitor your assets from wherever you are, with complete peace of mind.

Revolutionary Smart Building Technology Explained. See Video!


Detection Sensors

With EA Plus , you can get real-time data and prevent emergencies before they even happen with our live monitoring sensors. This revolutionary technology allows you to monitor and manage several aspects within your facility, some of which include:

Who’s Qualified for Smart Building Technology?

EA Plus is designed for facility managers, C-level executives or anyone who is  responsible for the maintenance or installation of assets within various buildings. If you would like to see how EA Plus can improve your energy consumption, request a demo.

Who is EA Plus?

EA Plus is a part of ARA Mechanical, a division under  the ARA Group. ARA Mechanical services government, commercial, universities as well as other sectors and its vision is to shape a sustainable future through progressive energy management.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can improve the efficiency of your building energy consumption asset management, schedule a free demonstration today.



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