ARA Acquires CMC Property Services Group

Effective on the 1st of May, ARA acquired 100% of the CMC Property Services Group (CMC).  CMC is principally a commercial cleaning business but also does other integrated property maintenance services and emergency response repairs.  CMC was founded 23 years ago by Paul McCann who is still the CEO of CMC.  CMC comes to us with an outstanding group of clients and contracts.  It is an extremely well run business with an experienced and excellent management team and work force.  CMC’s annual sales are approximately $56 million with strong profit margins.

The other great aspect of the merger of our groups is that CMC has an Indigenous service business with a current focus on commercial cleaning.  ARA now owns 49% of CMC Indigenous.  CMC Indigenous is led by Michael O’Loughlin, the former Sydney Swans star.  The Indigenous business will open up many opportunities for all of the ARA services, particularly in the government sector and with large corporates.  In addition, and most importantly, we will now have the opportunity to fulfil important social responsibility goals that we have that include a meaningful engagement with the Indigenous community.

The combination of ARA and CMC creates one of the largest private services companies in Australia.  The effect of this transaction is truly a merger of two terrific organisations.  Looking ahead to financial year 2018, ARA will likely have sales in excess of $420 million and a strong operating profit.  Please join me in welcoming Paul McCann and the CMC team to ARA.

To find out more about CMC visit their website

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