Video: ID Supplies launches MyTag to the Australian market

This year at the Security Exhibition and Conference in Sydney, ID Supplies launched their Australian partnership with MyTag.

MyTag is an innovative, technology driven platform which delivers trusted proof of presence, security, compliance and tracking solutions. It boasts NFC, Geopositioning and MyTag Trusted® tags, which unlike barcodes and QR codes, are patented and unclonable making it a highly secure and guaranteed solution.

As MyTag is cloud based and wireless it doesn’t require any hard wiring nor does it require integration to existing systems, this makes it simple and inexpensive to install and operate.

What makes MyTag so exciting to us, is that it can be used in a range of facilities and sectors including facility management and security, healthcare and education.

ID Supplies are happy to bring this technology to clients here in Australia and look forward to seeing how this technology can be implemented here.

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