Providing an integrated approach to multiple technical services in Australia

ARA has been delivering integrated services to its clients and although a decentralised organisation, each ARA division is fully engaged to work with each other to provide the best possible results to ARA’s customers. ARA makes it easy for you to do business with us.

Since the acquisition of ARA Building in 2007, it has been a goal of ARA that this business be the “hub” of ARA in the provision of multiple ARA services simultaneously. We have been successful with this goal. ARA Building is the nationwide service provider to a major bank’s retail network of a combined essential service contract for electrical, mechanical and fire protection services. ARA Building has been the principal contractor for the successful retrofit work of a data centre and a major medical centre. In each situation, ARA Building used every ARA service to complete the project. These were major works and demonstrated the capability of ARA to integrate its services where it can make the project more efficient for the customer to have one supplier to deal with and hold accountable. ARA can self-deliver its capabilities through ARA Building. In addition, different ARA divisions team up if it makes the provision of services to a customer more efficient and less costly. ARA Security and ARA Fire have combined their services to a major client to deliver effective electronic security maintenance and fire protection maintenance nationwide.

The Board of Directors of ARA has strategically guided the company to be a unique provider of multiple technical services in Australia. ARA can self-deliver services in a manner unlike its competitors. An example of this is a recent inquiry that ARA received from a potential customer. He had a retail development that he was doing and he wanted to work with one company who could do everything. Based upon our Internet presence, he determined that ARA could do everything he needed to complete his development.

ARA has been able to self-deliver now in many combined service and installation contracts. The strategy used to create and expand ARA during the past sixteen years has resulted in a true multi-service company.


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