Presenting our new Division – ARA Products

During 2017, we combined the ARA Manufacture and Distribution businesses to form the ARA Products Division.

The acquisition of financially troubled Woodpend in the prior financial year resulted in the timber fire door manufacturing business and the fire door project installation business being transferred to ARA Manufacture whilst the distribution of architectural hardware and the locksmith service business was transferred to ARA Distribution. This resulted in ARA Manufacture and ARA Distribution working very closely together on many aspects of the business.

ARA Manufacture is one of the largest customers for the architectural hardware from ARA Distribution. The sales force of ARA Distribution often has opportunities to sell doors or identify leads for Manufacture to follow up. It became operationally imperative that ARA Manufacture and ARA Distribution were combined into a new division called ARA Products. Stuart Harmer from ARA Distribution is now the Managing Director of ARA Products working closely with Mark Pamula and his team from ARA Manufacture.

The significance and the importance of ARA Manufacture and ARA Distribution to the ARA Group has grown considerably in recent times and now together the combined management team can look at how they can build the sales of both parts of this newly formed division.


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