ARA Property Services

On 1 May 2017, the ARA Group acquired CMC Property Services (CMC), a commercial cleaning business headquartered in Melbourne.  This acquisition created the seventh ARA division, ARA Property Services.  CMC was founded 24 years ago by Paul McCann who is still the CEO of CMC.  CMC comes to us with an outstanding group of clients and contracts.  It is an extremely well-run business with an experienced and excellent management team and work force.  CMC’s annual sales are approximately $56 million with strong profit margins.

After building the ARA Group for the past sixteen years focused on technical building and facility services, a strategic decision was made to expand into a “softer” commercial building service, being cleaning and general maintenance.

CMC, its name now changed to ARA Property Services, is well situated to help organically grow the ARA Group.  This acquisition also provides an additional strong platform to expand in the future.

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