A Special Message From David Lynch To The ARA Group

ARA received a special message from David Lynch for the ARA Endowment Fund’s first annual gala dinner

On Saturday 27th October, ARA hosted the first annual gala dinner to raise funds for The ARA Endowment Fund. The Endowment Fund currently donates 100% of the interest earned annually to The David Lynch Foundation, The GO Foundation and The Indigenous Literacy Foundation. Our goal is to provide substantial contributions to each of these foundations for the foreseeable future.

Although he was unable to attend the fundraising dinner in person, we were very fortunate to receive a message from David Lynch, which was made especially for the night.

About The David Lynch Foundation

The David Lynch Foundation was founded by American film-maker David Lynch in 2005 to make the Transcendental Meditation technique freely accessible for adults and youth. The foundation has recently established its base in Australia and will continue to assist youth at risk, victims of domestic violence and veterans to alleviate stress.


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