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5 High Touch-Point Areas not being cleaned in your office

From opening door handles to pushing buttons on office printers, We make you think twice about where your hands have been and sparking a real cause for concern.  Read more...

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The ARA Property Services division is expanding its range of cleaning and maintenance capabilities. As of 1 February 2018, ARA acquired 100% of Complex Solutions, a professional cleaning company led by Ash Jones. Now in its 20th year of operation, Complex Solutions is well-established in the provision of cleaning services, property maintenance and healthcare cleaning solutions across a diverse clientele in the Sydney Metro area. Read more...

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ARA Property Services

On 1 May 2017, the ARA Group acquired CMC Property Services (CMC), a commercial cleaning business headquartered in Melbourne.  This acquisition created the seventh ARA division, ARA Property Services.  Read more...